About ChemBytes

We create chemistry software based on extensive first-hand experience in chemical industry, supporting chemists from universities to big pharma in their workflows from discovery to optimized production.


Chemical Campaign Calculation & Optimization

ChemProject is an easy-to-use, yet powerful rapid chemical synthesis and production assessment tool. Enter a sequence of lab scale experiments to obtain all material amounts required for a specific amount of final product of a multi-step (and even multi-branch) synthesis campaign, along with the associated material costs, operating volumes and a waste stream assessment. Moreover, the tool allows to easily identify optimization hot spots, to simulate potential improvements and to compare various synthetic approaches according to relevant synthetic criteria.

Espresso ELN

Electronic Organic Chemistry Lab Notebook

Espresso ELN is a state of the art electronic lab notebook (ELN). Precisely plan and record every detail of your experiment. Embed digital images, PDF, and any kind of other documents directly into well structured protocol on the way. When done, secure your experiment with a digital signature to ensure intellectual property protection. Auto-generated graphical reaction sequence schemes always keep you up to date, automatic summaries let you easily compare experiment conditions and yields. Perform substructure searches, automatically back up your data and share your knowledge across your organization.

Feature Articles

ChemProject Auto-Save

ChemProject now features  Auto-Save, a core functionality continuously saving work in progress without requiring any user interaction. This effectively helps preventing data loss in case of unexpected events like a power failure or a system error. It is available from  ChemProject 7.2.0 on.

Although Auto-Save is active by default, it is possible to switch to manual mode at any time by toggling the Auto-Save checkbox, which reveals the manual save button as present in previous versions.

Espresso ELN Long-Term Archive

Espresso LTA (Long Term Archive) is an add-on functionality continuously converting finalized Espresso ELN server experiments into PDF/A format and storing them into a fully searchable separate database – which even can be queried there by reaction substructure!

Recent Releases

ChemProject 7.2.0 (March 20, 2023)

This update features the new Auto-Save core functionality and a significant number of enhancements and bug fixes .

Espresso ELN 10.6.3 (September 26, 2022)

This release contains an important hotfix related to the Novelty Check functionality.